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Congratulations 2017 Graduates!

The awards were presented to:

Sigma Phi Alpha:     Katelyn Kent & Sumaiya Kasbati
Dr. Paul P. Taylor Pediatric Award:     Brittnee Johnson
Colgate STAR Award:     Sherry Malik
Procter and Gamble Preventive Dentistry Award:     Sarah Biggs
Susan Moss Excellence in Dental Hygiene Award:     Sherry Malik
Alumni Award sponsored by Cathy & Dave Nobles): Cathy is a graduate of our program who continuously gives back.    2nd yr students: Beenish Alahee & Katelyn Kent
1st yr student: Kristen Meyers
Hu-Friedy Golden Scaler Award:     Sumaiya Kasbati
Johnson & Johnson Excellence in Dental Hygiene Research Award    1st Place: Sumaiya Kasbati and Sherry Malik: Biotherapy and Chemotherapy: Oral Complications
2nd Place: Beenish Alahee and Veronica Silva: Are Dental Pulp Stem Cells the Future?
3rd Place: Erica Pedini and Kaitlyn Ratcliffe: Benign Migratory Glossitis: An Indicator for Autoimmune disease?
Class Leadership Awards:     (Pr): Erica Pedini
(VP): Natalie Sommers
(S): Kaitlyn Ratcliffe
(T): Min Yao
FundRaising Chair: Brittnee Johnson
Class Rep: Jeni Dunn
Historian: Veronica Silva