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Legislative Corner
2017 Legislative Update

SB 430 (Local Anesthesia bill) received a hearing on March 6th. Currently the bill is still pending in the Senate committee. Dr. Schwertner has not yet called for a vote to pass the bill out of committee in order for it to advance to the Senate floor. GAC has been told that Schwertner wants to amend bill language to include "infiltration only". Rep Senfronia Thompson (who is author of House LA companion bill) will not take any action until bill passes out of Senate chamber.

SB 313 - Dental Sunset bill A committee substitute bill was introduced that made the following changes to the original bill provisions:

  1. Sweeps the board and reduces the size of the board from 15 to 11 members. The smaller board would include six dentists, three hygienists, and two public members.
  2. Strengthens regulation of dental anesthesia for dentists.
  3. Streamlines regulation of dental assistants by deregulating two certificates and requiring more efficient administration of the two remaining certificates. This provision maintains educational requirements for x-ray and nitrous certificates, but links renewal and improves data tracking. The new language deregulates coronal polishing and pit/fissure sealant certificates and eliminates required educational requirements for dental assistants to perform these two procedures. The new bill will allows TSBDE to create additional certificates.
  4. Requires the board to query the Prescription Monitoring Program for potentially harmful prescribing patterns among its licensees and requires dentists to review a patientís prescription history before prescribing certain drugs.
  5. Continues the Dental Board for 12 years.